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Established in July 2014, Eye Know Right was born as the only Home Of The Sickest Sunnies & Specs in our mother land --- The Philippines

As we were just learning how to walk, to take steps forward, underestimating and belittling eyes started to wander more. Unfortunate circumstances came through, crushing us.

People doubted the flight of our brand  -- will it fly or crash? They were rooting for the latter.

Thus, instead of letting things be, we took it as a challenge and plotted a drastic battle cry for retribution -- forging our products into weapons Perfected For Stare Downs.                                                                                                               

                                                                                               - CEO


3. Undies Expansion
Get to know more about our team here:  Youth Crew
Hiring partners with a limiting age bracket 20s, we began.
Why 20s, you ask?
Because just like most of the youth, we were often known 
as the underestimated,
the underappreciated,
the underrated,
-- the underdogs.

Branded as the "undies"
we wanted to prove that being young doesn't 
always mean we are only bound to make mistakes.

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